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Restaurant Specialist

Tip Law Compliance is a laborious process, keeping up with it, creating your own ledgers, spreadsheets, etc. is a draining use of your time!

TipsMax provides:

an exclusive low cost, comprehensive software solution, that is proven and exceeds your tip reporting needs, it’s easy to use and safeguards your record retention.

Facts you need to know:

  • Record keeping for tips must be maintained for 6 years.
  • Restaurants with 10 or more employees, even if maintained in separate corporations are required to reconcile their tips on an annual basis.
  • Tip Credits are permissible provided that certain conditions are met.
  • Restaurant employees are considered manual labor & required to receive a weekly analysis in the form of a payment stub of hours worked, tips paid, declared meals, etc.

TipsMax prepares:

paystubs for you effortlessly and prevents deficient recordkeeping. Claims & lawsuits can lead to personal judgments, a liability preventing you from hiding behind your Corporation!