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Millennials in a Snapshot

From a recent article in HR Answers, Inc.

1. The average job tenure for Millennials is just 2 years, compared to 5 years for Generation Xers and 7 years for Baby Boomers.

2. According to recent research nearly 9 in 10 Millennials want work to be social and fun and 74% want flexible work schedules.

3. A blog post on revealed that 69% feel working in the office is passé and office attendance is unnecessary on a regular basis, 81% believe they should be able to set their own hours.

4. Expect parents of Millennials to be involved.  Of 700 employers surveyed about the hiring of recent college graduates, nearly one-third of the respondents said a parent had submitted a resume for their child – some without the applicant’s knowledge, 25%  reported hearing from parents directly, while 4% of parents showed up at the Interview.

5. Millennials want to be heard.  Three-quarters of Millennials believe their boss could learn a lot from them and 65% of them say, “I should be mentoring older co-workers when it comes to tech and getting things done”.

Therefore, it’s important to understand the young generation, because by 2025 they will, according to recent research, account for 75% of the workforce.

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