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Affordable Care Act: Exchange Notices

Exchange Notices must be sent to each employee before October 1, 2013

Information on the October 1st deadline for employee notices of coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is available.  Although the deadline for Employer Shared Responsibility was delayed until 2015, by this October 1st employers must make their employees aware of coverage options through the company and available at the exchange (now called the health insurance marketplace), for coverage beginning 1/1/2014.  Beginning Jan. 1, 2014 employees of small businesses will have access to insurance coverage through the ACA’s exchanges. This is effective for companies of all sizes, not just those with over 50 employees.  Open enrollment under the Exchanges will begin October 1, 2013.

Links to Department of Labor, DOL Resources, has a template model for what the Notice of Coverage should look like for both clients who offer health insurance, and those who don’t.

For those of you who are on our PLEXUS PAYROLL / ADP RUN program, a template will be available for you to use and give to your employees on or before October 1st. Going forward, any new employees must be made aware of their options within 14 days of their start date. Notices must be provided to all employees, even part-time. Below is the information that the template allows the employer to fill in:

  1. specified information about the services provided by the Exchange and how to contact them.
  2. information about the employer-sponsored coverage available.
  3. advising the employee of information he/she will need to gather in order to apply for coverage through the Exchange.

For our clients we have a number of different tools being put in place to help with the Exchange Notices and other ACA issues:

  1. An Integrated ACA dashboard: ACA information and calculators, customizable Notice of Coverage Options to give employees.
  2. Time and labor solutions: To manage full time equivalent employees and keep track of employees hours as they relate to the ACA.

If you have questions or would like to meet with us to educate you on the complexities of Health Care Reform, please call Plexus Payroll at 212-244-1303. Those clients who are not using Plexus Payroll will be affected by the ACA as well.

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