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Affordable Care Act: Exchange Notices

Exchange Notices must be sent to each employee before October 1, 2013 Information on the October 1st deadline for employee notices of coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is available.  Although the deadline for Employer Shared Responsibility was delayed until 2015, by this October 1st employers

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Family Medical Leave Act “FMLA”

Leave of absence questions: More than any other issue, Human Resource people in general say that the Family and Medical Leave Act causes them problems. Here are just a few of the overwhelming load of questions: Q: I have an employee who is the primary caregiver for

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Vacation Time: Frequently Asked Questions

The summer is a popular time for employees to request time off for vacations. Whether offering paid vacations as a standalone benefit or as part of an overall paid time off (PTO) program, employers may face challenges when designing, implementing, and enforcing a policy on vacation time.

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Wage garnishment is a court order for an employer to withhold a certain amount of an employee’s wages for the payment of a debt, such as child support or back taxes. What laws apply to garnishment? A: The principal federal law governing garnishments is Title III of

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The Employment Laws that Apply to your Company:

Employers are required to comply with numerous laws governing the workplace.   While certain requirements apply to all employers, regardless of size, others only apply to larger employers. Below is a summary of some of the major federal employment laws based on employer size: For All Employers: FLSA.

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5 Key Facts about Overtime

Under the Federal  Fair Labor Standards Act ( FLSA ) employees are classified as either exempt or non-exempt from overtime. The FLSA requires employers to pay non-exempt employees (referred to as “hourly” employees) overtime if they work more than 40 hours in a workweek.  The OT pay

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