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Monthly archive for March 2018

Vacation Time: Frequently Asked Questions

The summer is a popular time for employees to request time off for vacations. Whether offering paid vacations as a standalone benefit or as part of an overall paid time off (PTO) program, employers may face challenges when designing, implementing, and enforcing a policy on vacation time.

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Wage garnishment is a court order for an employer to withhold a certain amount of an employee’s wages for the payment of a debt, such as child support or back taxes. What laws apply to garnishment? A: The principal federal law governing garnishments is Title III of

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The Employment Laws that Apply to your Company:

Employers are required to comply with numerous laws governing the workplace.   While certain requirements apply to all employers, regardless of size, others only apply to larger employers. Below is a summary of some of the major federal employment laws based on employer size: For All Employers: FLSA.

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